Day: 5 June 2018

Finally, a large scale model of the original Land Rover Discovery

The first Land Rover Discovery gets the recognition it deserves, by Dutch car model makers Cult Models. In 2019, it will be thirty (!) years since the original Land Rover Discovery was introduced. Initially only in three door guise, powered by a very new 200tdi engine or a very old carburettor fed V8. It was an […]

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A very early special edition: the Camel Land Rover One Ten

We have grown accustomed to various special edition Land Rovers, but back in the 1980’s, they were quite uncommon. In 1983 the Camel Trophy event was in it’s third year, and Dutch Land Rover distributor Austin Rover Nederland B.V. wanted to cash in on it’s growing popularity, probably inspired by the German Trophy Range Rover. […]

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