Finally, a large scale model of the original Land Rover Discovery

The first Land Rover Discovery gets the recognition it deserves, by Dutch car model makers Cult Models.

In 2019, it will be thirty (!) years since the original Land Rover Discovery was introduced. Initially only in three door guise, powered by a very new 200tdi engine or a very old carburettor fed V8. It was an important car for the brand and a much needed addition to their ageing portfolio, which then only consisted of the Land Rover in various wheelbases and the Range Rover.

The importance of the Discovery is finally recognised by collectors, but quality control was abysmal at the time, and as a working vehicle, many led hard lives. The result is that hardly any of the early ‘200’ series cars are left, and it is probably rarer than the now coveted Suffix Range Rovers.

I have been looking for one of these Disco’s too, but I have not come accross a decent example in over 10 years time, so I have given up, sort of. That is why I’m delighted that Dutch firm Cult Models is treating fans to an absolutely stunning model of the Land Rover Discovery mk1. Finished in burgundy, and with the awful period correct go fasterstripes, it offers consolation to all of us who will probably never own the real deal. Prices and availability are TBA, but already owning their model of the Range Rover Classic, I know quality will be outstanding.

Images courtesy of Cult Models

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