Rare survivor: an original Land Rover Series 3 ashtray

Nowadays, most new cars do not come as standard with an ashtray. They are an optional extra. In the 1970’s, Land Rover was already pioneering this by making you pay extra for something to put your ash and butts in. Not many smoking Land Rover drivers opted for this thing of seventies beauty – all chrome and black plastic -, since the uncarpeted floor would do nicely, thank you.

The few who specced them however got a factory ashtray option which consisted of three parts: one plastic bracket to screw to the underside of your padded dash (4 long screws into 4 rubbery ), one chromed ashtray holder, and the ashtray itself, which feels rather heavy for the very flimsy bracket. Because of this flimsiness not many survive, making it a very rare item.

And the back:

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