The one and only Land Rover Series ski carrier

Browsing through vintage Land Rover accessories brochures, you find extremely cool options for your Land Rover Series, some of which you probably never heard of. Take this ‘Zusatzgeräte’ (German for accessories) publication from 1973, offered by former distributor A. Brüggeman & Co GMBH in Düsseldorf. This old piece of literature is full of the usual winches, cranes, snow ploughs and even an airconditioning for a Series car.

But we like this ski carrier very much, was this a popular option in the Alps? It carried part number ZLR 351 and was priced at 285 DM, or 145 euro’s in today’s money. The ski carrier was mounted to the top of the rear door and to the spare wheel carrier, and was able to take three pair of skis.

The image shows the rear end of a 109 Station Wagon with a non standard (Carawagon?) roof. Please note how low the spare wheel is mounted, halfway over the rear crossmember. I can only guess this was done for legal reasons, to not obstruct rear visibility.

Do you have this genuine period accessory fitted to your rear door? We would love to hear from you.

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