This is what a Land Rover dealer looked like in 1979

This is what heaven must look like: a showroom floor full of brand new 3 door Range Rovers, Land Rover Series 3 cars and some recently introduced Stage One vehicles. These black and white photographs were taken in 1979, when Land Rover dealer Knook had just opened their new showroom and workshop on the Flevostraat 66 in Purmerend, north of Amsterdam. Notice the ungainly airco boxes fitted on the roof of some Range Rovers. A few years later, the Range Rover could be ordered with a ‘normal’ airco, and retain it’s beautiful lines.

A very modern workshop, in 1979:

When the Land Rover Stage One was a new car on the forecourt:

Unfortunately, Knook Purmerend went bust approx 25 years after these photos were taken. And this is what hell must look like (it houses a tile outlet last time I checked):

Image: Google maps

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