‘A new way of travelling close to nature’

Do you like to eat fresh insects on the go? Then Italian company C.M.C. di Merli F. & C. had this wonderful option for your Land Rover Series: an ‘opening front screen with automatic windscreen wiper lifting mechanism’. It was even tested ánd approved by the Rover Company.

The small brochure comes in three languages – Italian, English and French – and reads:

  • What you have always been waiting for has finally arrived
  • Rediscover the pleasure of driving with all the air you want
  • Easy manoeuvrability from the driving seat
  • You may operate from inside the vehicle without any obstruction
  • Windscreen wiper lifting and automatic positioning mechanism
  • A new way of travelling close to nature

The question is, how many of these opening front screens were made by C.M.C, how were they marketed, and how many survive? If you have a pair, I would love to hear from you.

Special note to the cool bulletshaped mirror on the left A-post:

Images from original brochure, private collection

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