Range Rover roadmovie: crossing the Sahara in 1971

screenshot from Ginger Baker in Africa by Tony Palmer

A very early Range Rover makes a fantastic road movie car, as the 1971 film Ginger Baker in Africa proves. Watch it on YouTube, before you can’t.

Just imagine going to your local Land Rover dealer, take delivery of your brand new Range Rover and drive it down to Nigeria, straight through the Sahara desert. Legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker did exactly that nearly 50 years ago, bringing along film director Tony Palmer as a passenger, who shot the very seventies roadmovie Ginger Baker in Africa.

Bahama Gold vs Sahara dust
While the one hour movie is mostly about Baker making friends on the way, playing some great music and setting up a studio in Lagos, the Suffix A Range Rover plays a nice supporting role. It eats up miles, swallows loads of luggage and even more jerrycans of petrol, while it’s Bahama Gold paint accumulates Sahara dust. For any Range Rover fan, these are images to behold, since there is not that much period footage of Suffix A cars available. For the impatient, the first glimpse of the Range Rover is at the 5.57 minute mark.

screenshot from Ginger Baker in Africa by Tony Palmer

DVLA holds no record for DRX 722K, so Ginger Baker’s former Range Rover is probably scrapped, or still around in Nigeria. Now that would be a find!


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