Land Rover Series original workshop tools by Churchill

If you own a copy of a factory Land Rover Series workshop manual, you might have seen the detailed drawings of all the original Land Rover workshop tools in the back of the book. I had never dreamt of finding these tools, until I was able to buy a few examples of these quality British pieces, made by the Churchill Machine Tool Company
It was very considerate of Churchill to inscript original Land Rover part numbers in every tool, even the tiny rod that comes with the chain wheel extractor has a part no (507231) inscripted. Every 6 digit Series part number is preceded by the letters RO, for Rover.

For reference use, here is a list of part numbers and names of all the tools in the image:

507231 Extractor chain wheel
530102 Starter dog spanner
600000 Extractor steering drop arm
600300 Spanner gearbox mainshaft nut
600963A Engine lifting sling
605022 Clutch plate alignment tool
606435 Hub nut spanner

Churchill tools is no longer in business, but UK based Dingocroft produces great replicas of some of these tools, so that we can keep working on our beloved Series Land Rovers. But those detailed drawings in the back of our workshop manuals are of the genuine Churchill tools you see here.

Ronald Janus
De Autoboerderij

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