The Land Rover 3-wheeler, a very special conversion

‘Why?’ is the first question that springs to mind when you see the lovechild of a Land Rover Series and a Reliant Robin – or a wheelbarrow – and the answer problably is ‘because you can’.

This conversion was done in a time when Land Rover Series, even 109 Station Wagons, were regarded as just old cars, not the valuable classics they are now. An extremely skilled engineer thought it was a good idea to swap the front axle for a single front wheel. Just study the images, and think of how much thinking and work was involved in the conversion.

Although the front grill shouts Series 3, the door hinges reveal that the car was once a Series 2a Station Wagon. For reasons unknown, it does not feature any mirrors, inside or out. Nor does it feature a registration, so it probably never received a ‘single vehicle approval’ by the DVLA. The single front wheel does have a mudguard and a small light.

I have reasons to believe it was build in the Hereford area by the same man who engineerd the articulated Land Rover Forward Control below, and I would love to hear if it still exists, in a field or barn.

Ronald Janus
De Autoboerderij

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