Day: 12 November 2020

A 1985 Camel Trophy numberplate from Borneo

These genuine pieces of Camel Trophy history were recently added to my collection and the numberplate is free to a good home. The original Camel Trophy car plate is just for clicks and not available, sorry… The old, rather beaten up numberplate reading KT 1327 XX endured a gruesome 1.000 mile journey on the front […]

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Something for the weekend: Land Rover Defender 90

In the early 90’s, Land Rover finally acknowledged there was a bigger market then armies and farmers for their utilitarian Defender and started developing a ‘leisure model’ 90. This came to fruition when the UK market only Defender 90SV (for Special Vehicles) was introduced, together with the US/Canada market only D90 NAS (North American Specification). […]

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