A 1985 Camel Trophy numberplate from Borneo

These genuine pieces of Camel Trophy history were recently added to my collection and the numberplate is free to a good home. The original Camel Trophy car plate is just for clicks and not available, sorry…

The old, rather beaten up numberplate reading KT 1327 XX endured a gruesome 1.000 mile journey on the front of one of the Italian team Land Rovers through the jungle of Borneo during the Camel Trophy event in 1985. And after 35 years there still is genuine Borneo mud stuck to the rear of the numberplate.

When the Camel Trophy event took place in Borneo, all participating Land Rovers had to be reregistered locally. If you look at photos of the event, you can see the number plates all started with KT 13, then 2 numbers, ending with XX. For example, The Land Rover Ninety assigned to Team Italy 1, consisting of Flavio Dematteis & Stefano Gasi, wore the KT1327XX plate that was given to me by a former Land Rover Netherlands employee.

I also acquired the Indonesian registration papers for KT 1326 XX, the car for team Japan. These belong to a ‘1984 cream Land Rover Hard Top’ with chassis number 228188 and was presumably fitted with a 2625cc engine, a displacement that suggests it was powered by the infamous 2.6 6 cylinder petrol Land Rover engine. This is incorrect since the engine number of the car was 12J-06830, which means it was fitted with a 2.5 diesel.

On April 30th 1985, it was registered to PT. Java Motors Balikpapan. Before that the UK registration probably was B634 COG, as written on the pouch for the ‘1326’ papers:

I have reason to believe KT 1326 XX and KT 1327 XX found their way to the Dutch Land Rover distributor after the Borneo event and the Camel Trophy vehicles were reregistered. If they still exist, I would like to know of there whereabouts since these items do not belong in a collection, but with the actual cars.

Genuine 35 year old Camel Trophy Borneo mud

Therefore the KT 1327 XX numberplate is free to the current owner of the actual Team Italy 1 Camel Trophy Borneo participating Land Rover it was once screwed to. Same goes for the registration papers for KT 1326 XX. If you can proof the Japan team car is yours, please contact me. The original Camel Trophy car plate is not available, sorry.

Ronald Janus
De Autoboerderij

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