Peak Land-Rover: the ‘Long Station Wagon’

The Series II(A) is the archetypical Land Rover and in Long Station Wagon shape is an absolute design masterpiece by David Bache.

The example in this late 50’s/early 60’s press image was registered 53 FWD, which makes it a Warwickshire registered (‘WD’) vehicle. Solihull, where this car was built, is in Warwickshire, and this ‘Land-Rover Long Station Wagon’, as it was advertised in period, was most probably a factory vehicle. It was registered pre 1963, unfortunately DVLA does not hold any online records for 53 FWD.

Note the lack of ‘Urban’ or ‘Explorer’ packs as you can currently specify on its spiritual successor. The only optional extra’s in sight are a near side wing mirror and foldable side steps. And within 5 years a design masterpiece like this in well restored condition will be more valuable then a 2020MY Defender with every ‘pack’ specified.

Ronald Janus
De Autoboerderij

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