An armoured Land-Rover Series 1

These rare images show some modified Land-Rover Series 1 models in wartime action during the 1950’s.

This armoured Series 1 was deployed during the ‘Malayan Emergency‘ or ‘Anti-British National Liberation War, a guerilla war of the Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA) against the armed forces of the British military and Commonwealth. Other vehicles used during the campaign were Daimler ‘Dingo’ Scout cars and Ford Lynx scout models. The photograph is not dated, but it looks like the special armour was built on a 109 inch chassis, introduced in 1956. It did not see action for a long period, since hostilities ended in August 1957.

This period advertisement shows the same Land-Rover and situation form another perspective. The front is very Series 3 like, but it is definitely a Series 1.

An 88 with suicide doors
From the same series of images comes this 88 inch Series 1. Note the non-standard A-post and the rear hinged ‘suicide’ door. I could not find out if these modifications were done by Land-Rover or one of its contractors or done locally in Malaya, I do know Land-Rover advertised these modified models around 1956/1957 to show the sheer possiblities of the platform.

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