Land Rover Series apron panel identification

During production of the Land-Rover Series 2a, not much changed in the design until the headlights moved to the wings and a different shape grill was fitted. There is one notable exception: the front apron panel. Early Series 2a cars used a ‘straight’ apron panel (part no. 332640), carried over from the Land-Rover Series 2.

Example of a Land-Rover Series 2 and pre-1964 2a ‘straight’ apron panel

From January 1964 on the ‘curved type front apron panel’ (part no. 336786) was fitted, a design which was used until the last Land Rover Series 3 left the factory. According to Land-Rover Service News Letter No. 40 ‘the front apron panel is completely interchangeable with the earlier type’. The Service News Letter does not state which chassis first received the curved panel. In period sales brochures, the straight type apron panel was visible in (recycled) artwork up to 1967, three years after introduction of the newer type.

Land-Rover Series 2a with later type ‘curved’ front apron panel

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