Land-Rover Series: Let it Snow Plow

In the early 1960’s American company Meyer Products Inc. offered a few snow plow models and angledozers for the Land-Rover Series, approved by the Rover Motor Company of North America. These were available through the Land-Rover dealer network and could still be purchased in 1969, according to a period US market Land-Rover Series 2a brochure. The Meyer plows, including those for Land-Rovers, were also offered in the Netherlands, and probably elsewhere in Europe.

The American Meyer Products snow plow was never endorsed by Solihull, and there are no mentions of the plows in Land-Rover proprietary equipment literature during the 1960’s and 1970s. Official Land-Rover (UK) approved snow ploughs (and blowers) were manufactured by:

As of today Meyer produces a wide range of snow plows, including the EZ-Mount DrivePro, which is still available for the classic Land Rover Defender:

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