Land-Rovers on a mission – and on KONI

When converting people in the 1950s and 1960s, it was the Koni Shock Absorbers that took punishment

The world’s most versatile vehicle was not only great to combat guerillas, it was also very usable when navigating around one’s colony or spreading Christianity. Dutch company Koni provided aftermarket shock absorbers for Land-Rovers Series 1 and 2 that took ‘fantastic punishment’ in countries ‘sparsely inhabited by Nomadic Tribes with their goats and camels’ in Kenya and ‘under extremely rough conditions in West Kalimantan’.

Talking about something durable….: Nearly 60 years after this leaflet was printed, Koni is still in Oud-Beijerland and the Overseas Mission Fellowship still has the same address in Singapore. Kenya’s Lake Rudolph, were the Land-Rover Series 1 in the photograph was heading, was decolonized in 1975 and is since called Lake Turkana, deservedly named after the people who live there, the Turkana – a Nomadic tribe with goats and camels…

Ronald Janus
De Autoboerderij

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