First of the last: the 1982 Land Rover One ten

1982 Land Rover One Ten County

This is a period press image of one of the 50 pilotproduction Land Rover One Tens built for the launch in 1983. All these early 110 vehicles came with a CWK registration and are now sought after classic Land Rovers. While their value is not up there with the preproduction Land-Rover Series 1 80″ or the 1969 Velar Range Rover models, their significance certainly is, with a defining shape that would last until Defender production halted in 2016. And was recently reintroduced in the form of the Bowler CSP 575.

This black and white photograph of a County spec 110 was issued by the Swiss Land Rover distributor in 1983. According to the DVLA, CWK 37Y still exists. Registered in November 1982, it is a very early One Ten vehicle. It has been SORN, and is registered as (Roan) brown. The engine is a 2.3 litre four cylinder petrol.

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