Land Rover Defender Works V8 Trophy

Yes, there still is life in the old Defender, as Land Rover Classic proves with a new limited edition: the Works V8 Trophy.

The Defender Works V8 Trophy is obviously inspired by the Camel Trophy Land Rovers of the 1980’s and 1990’s, but the colour applied is not the original Sandglow in which the Camel Trophy cars were kitted out. Instead the new old Defenders will be painted in ‘Eastnor Yellow’, a new colour for the brand that is not very far off the original Sandglow. I wonder if the people at Land Rover Classic division are aware of the fact that Land Rover already had a Eastnor Edition in yellow (AA Yellow) for the French market. Some more historical context: the Works V8 Trophy is not the first Camel Trophy inspired limited edition Land Rover. That honour goes to the Dutch market only 1983 Land Rover One Ten Camel Edition. A Ninety Camel Edition followed in 1984.

As with the 2018 Defender V8 Works, the Land Rover Classic division will need to source two dozens of 2012-2016 low mileage Defenders to rebuild as Trophy editions. These will be completely stripped, repainted, fitted with a new interior, a rollcage, winch and a 5.0 liter V8 engine (the Supercharged V8 is reserved for the Defender-like Bowler CSP 575) coupled to a 8-speed automatic transmission. The steel wheels, also painted in Eastnor Yellow, are the ‘Wolf’-type and were developed to meet military demands in the 1990’s. They were also standard on later Land Rover Defender 130 models.

Land Rover Classic will built 25 examples of the Defender Works V8 Trophy. Customers can choose between the 90 and 110 wheelbase version, with prices starting at 195.000 GBP for the 90 version. For that money you get a new halo-car for Land Rover that outshines the current Defender in terms of appearance. A car that has been hand built twice (!) besides. The Works V8 Trophy will be offered in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Owners will be invited to collect their cars at the Eastnor Castle proving ground during a three day adventure with ex-Camel Trophy competitors. A sticker with your name on it, as well a the flag of your country will be applied at no extra cost.

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