Vintage Land-Rover art by Terence Cuneo

Around 1955, the Land-Rover marketing department commisioned the by that time highly regarded British artist Terence Cuneo to paint at least five works featuring the Series 1 for use in bochures, advertisements and on posters. One of the these original commisioned paintings sold in 2016 at auction for 7.000 GBP, the whereabouts of the other four are unknown. The original 1950’s Cuneo Land-Rover posters and brochures are now sought after by collectors.

Terence Cuneo – Man’s eye view of Land-Rover country

This original oil on canvas painting was sold through Kingham & Orme in 2016, it was used in period Land-Rover advertising (below). Note the addition of the Land-Rover logo on the steering centre cap in the ad. The logo was not on the original painting and was never a feature on the production Series 1.

Terence Cuneo – Hay today – hens tomorrow!

This painting of a Series 1 doing farmwork was used for magazine advertisement and the 1956 and 1957 brochure covers, like this Dutch version with the first mention of a diesel engine (introduced in 1957). It is signed by Cuneo in the right bottom corner.

The advertisement above actually shows two works by Cuneo, the smaller one being a cutout of another Cuneo work (see image below) with men loading a Series 1:

Terence Cuneo – Always on the go

The ‘Aways on the go…’ painting featured in a 1955 advertisement, and as a cutout in later advertisements. It was never used for period brochures.

Terence Cuneo – Making light work of heavy duty

This signed gem by Terence Cuneo is his only commissioned work that portrays a long wheelbase Land-Rover, the 107 inch that was introduced in 1954. The same painting was used in an advertisement on introduction of the diesel powered Series 1, in 1957:

Terence Cuneo – Anywhere on earth…

Although all of Cuneo’s work for Land-Rover is excellent, the painting used for the 1955 Anywhere on earth… ad is probably his most striking. Unfortunately it was never used for brochures, so prints are hard to find.

After Cuneo Land-Rover commissioned other great British motoring artists. More on their work in another post, watch this space!

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