Land Rover plastic surgery gone wrong

Recently I acquired this strange looking 90/110 front panel. Although it looks standard at first sight, the top goes past the radiator on a Land Rover 90/110 and it is not made of aluminium but a form of plastic.

Having absolutely zero idea who made and marketed it and what it was for, I put the panel between the wings of my Series 3 and discovered it is a perfect fit from front bumper to radiator panel, as seen on the image below:

A little search on the internet learns that is was actually meant to ‘upgrade’ your Land Rover Series 3 to the more modern looking 90 and 110 models. For this conversion you only need to remove the front apron panel, fit the plastic front and source a 90/110 bonnet and a grill. Thankfully the upgrade can be easily made undone without too much damage.

This 88 was made to look like a 90 using the grp front panel

Nowadays it is hard to imagine someone would want to convert their Series into a 90/110 lookalike, but there must have been a market for this conversion in the 1980’s and 1990, when Land Rover Series 3 vehicles were just old cars. Does anybody know who made this GRP front?

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