Now on sale: Cutaway Land Rover workshop garage posters

Earlier this year I was able to acquire six genuine workshop posters, originally issued by Land Rover Ltd in January 1989. These fantastic cutaway drawings are made by artist Chris Baker and were printed in a circulation of 1.000 each after which they were distributed to Land Rover dealers worldwide. Due to their fragile nature – the paper used is quite light – and the fact that UV light has a very negative effect on older ink, not many survive. In fact in 25 years of dealing with Land Rovers and Land Rover related automobilia, I have never seen them before. Fortunately, the posters in my collection were never put on a wall, but stored.

As they are so rare and vulnerable, I decided to have them professionally photographed, digitally enhanced (small spots, creases and cuts removed) and printed. And now these prints are also available to my customers. Where the original posters are slightly smaller than A1 (A1 is 59,4 x 84 cm or 23,4 x 33,1 inch), I had the posters printed in A1 format since there a many inexpensive frames available for A1 sized posters. All replica posters are printed on high quality 150 grams paper and shipped in carton tubes for optimal protection.

We offer:

Land Rover One Ten County
Land Rover 2.5 Turbo Diesel engine
Land Rover 77mm Five Speed Gearbox
Land Rover 85mm Five Speed Gearbox
Land Rover Ninety One Ten Front Axle
Range Rover Transfer Box

Price for one of these high quality reprints is 40 euro’s. You can find more information, plus all images, here:

Large format Land Rover cutaway drawing workshop posters

Ronald Janus
De Autoboerderij

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